On 12 May 2018, MNNF Network organised an International Invention and Innovative Competition InIIC Series 1/2018 at The Federal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. The objective of this competition was aimed to cultivate interests and encourage teachers and students to develop innovative learning materials in line with recent technology developments. Total entries sent in amounting to 200 innovation projects, which involves participants from countries such as Indonesia, Egypt and Malaysia.There are 3 categories have been contested in this competition:

Category A : Professional
Category B : Higher Institution Students
Category C : School Students

SM La Salle Kota Kinabalu has participated in two categories, 1 innovation project in the Professional category (A) and 2 innovation projects in the School Students category (C). As a result, only 12 and 11 awards have been awarded to the respective innovated projects for categories A and C. The representative of SM La Salle Kota Kinabalu who received the awards were:

1. Silver Award (Category A: Professional) : Wong Ken Keong
2. Bronze Award (Category C: School Students) : Wong Ken Keong (Teacher Advisor), Brian Goh Tze Yee (Leader), Ian Felix Godfrey and Alexander Eugine Yih (School Students category).

Reported by Dr. Wong Ken Keong

Uploaded by :
En. Suhaili Hj. Ahmad
GPICT/Bestari SM La Salle, KK

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