A new school website was launched right after the MCO. This is to facilitate a fast and smooth communication between the school and the parents. Through the website, parents could easily get the latest news from the school. On the other hand, the school will also find it very easy to convey important messages to the parents and students paperlessly. 

The website consists of several sections. Through the menu bar, a parent could navigate them with ease by just choosing the header and also the sub header. The Home page is the first page that a visitor will see, it is a welcoming page and if there is any urgent and important informations, it will be shown here as well.


Announcement is the second header found in the menu bar. All the latest informations and announcements from the school will be placed here. Previously, the school will have to print several hundred pieces of paper in conveying announcements to the parents.



The school is innovative to place a Headlines on the menu bar. For example, hot news on the school traffic where all parents are concerned are displayed here. With pictures and text, the parents could understand more the problem of the school traffic.

Here is the link to the school web site.



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