From the 4th to the 11th of November 2019, Brady Ng Benzie, Isaac Ivan Vairappan, Audrey Moo Mei Qi, Esmerelda L. Sentia and Hasreen Kaur, all from 4 Amanah, took part in the Sakura Science Exchange Programme in Science in Hokkaido, Japan, along with Teacher Tanisa as the accompanying teacher. The activities throughout the week consisted of lectures and practical studies on the forest ecosystem, water isotopes and remote sensing, exchange programmes on science and culture at Keisei High School, workshops at Hokkaido Museum and camping in the forest. During the programmes, students gave presentations about Sabah and also ‘how we made our school greener’ which was then continued on with a group discussion that aims to improve communications skills and induce a relationship between us and the Japanese students. During our short stay, students managed to experience Japan’s welcoming hospitality and the foster families allowed us to experience Japan in the local’s shoes. Students and teacher left Japan with unforgettable memories, knowledge and life-long friendships.

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